Are your windows easy to install?

Yes! We have an exclusive bracket system that makes installing and adjusting our windows a breeze! For complex projects with large units we require certified installation (Eastern US only). 

What is the lead time?

The right time to choose  windows and a manufacture is as soon as possible. As moving forward even in the starting stages with accurate information and a clear schedule is vital for the overall and timely success of the project. 

Can you deliver to my locale?

Yes! We can deliver to anywhere in the US and Canada!

How are your windows shipped?

Our windows are carefully packed and shipped over the sea in shipping containers. For certain projects we offer forklift unloading. Please ask your salesperson for more info.

Do you offer custom colors?

Absolutely! Color options are all material specific so please check out the Extras section for more info.

Do you have any tips for saving money on my order?

Sure! As a general rule fixed windows are always less expensive than operable ones and larger sizes are less per square foot than smaller ones.  Please ask your salesperson about your specific project.

I'm no sure about what I need or want, can you help me?

Yes! Mavrik is here for you. Our team is very motivated and is passionate about windows  and any issues that you may have is a welcome challenge for our team.  Get started early! Even if you are just working on a concept we can help you keep your budget under control and make the process much faster when you get down the road.

I don't want to build a Passive House, are your windows a good fit?

Yes they are! You don't need to be building a passive house to take advantage of the incredible comfort and quality of European windows. In fact, the vast majority of construction in Europe is not Passive House, and people still enjoy these windows all the same!