Premium materials for all budgets and styles.

Triple pane standard. Passive house suitable. Large glass and lift and slide door specialists.


Steel-reinforced uPVC windows and doors are the best choice for both high performance and cost effectiveness. Our German engineered profiles feature multiple gaskets for air-tightness and a multi-chamber design for increased thermal comfort.


Our aluminum-clad wood windows and doors offer the comfort and luxury of a solid wood interior finish with the maintenance-free protection of aluminum on the exterior. Choose from two performance levels to meet your projects exact requirements.



Aluminum is one most commonly used modern construction material. When thermally broken it is one of the warmest ,  resistant and carefree options on the market today.  Mavriks Thermally Broken Aluminum Series windows should be considered for every project big or small if the budget allows.


Mavriks wood windows are the best choice for your project if you do not want to  compromise on design. Requiring regular maintenance but with the option of the virutally unlimited design and customization the wooden window is one of the most classic options to choose from.